New PDF release: A Short History of Lebanon

New PDF release: A Short History of Lebanon

By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1349005665

ISBN-13: 9781349005666

ISBN-10: 1349005681

ISBN-13: 9781349005680

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In 586 Nebuchadnezzar triumphantly entered Jerusalem and terminated the career of the Kingdom of Judah. It never rose again. Tyre's turn came next. Its king Ittobaal (Ethbaal) had made the most effective preparations for its defence. For thirteen long years (585-572) the island city resisted and when it yielded it offered the usual nominal surrender, not having been stormed. Ezekiel's prediction was fulfilled only in so far as the mainland part was concerned. 26 : 8 He shall slay with the sword Thy And And And 9 And And daughters in the field: he shall make a fort against thee, cart a mount against thee, lift up the buckler against thee.

As repeatedly in the past Lebanon was caught between a northern and a southern millstone. This time Egypt struck first. Its army, as it had done under Thutmose, advanced as far as the Euphrates. There it was routed (605) thanks to the brilliant generalship of Nebuchadnezzar, son and successor-to-be of Nabopolassar. Nebuchadnezzar took the offensive and in 597 captured Jerusalem, capital of Judah. Following the established pattern, the Phoenician states, which tended to gravitate Egypt-ward, half-heartedly acknowledged the new Mesopotamian suzerainty.

The mother of many colonies, including powerful Carthage, their city waxed rich and mighty extending its hegemony far beyond the confines of Phoenicia. Northward along the coast its authority reached Beirut. A daughter of King Ethbaal (887-856) married King Ahab of Israel, introduced Baal's worship into Samaria and slaughtered Jehovah's prophets (I K. 16: 30-3; 18: 4, where Ithbaal is called king of the Sidonians). Her daughter, who shared the mother's masculine traits, married King J ehoram ofJudah, seized the throne and ruled over the kingdom for six years (2 K.

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A Short History of Lebanon by Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

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