Get Adolescents and Morality PDF

Get Adolescents and Morality PDF

By E M Eppel

ISBN-10: 0203000447

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Previous page page_155 next page >  < previous page page_156 next page > Page 156 1. THE TEST A major problem in studying the moral beliefs of young people is the lack of adequate techniques for eliciting information. 1 The questionnaire2 contained general statements of opinion and included a variety of situations and relationships. ).

I cannot say very much about this man as I couldnâ t possibly do it all in the time, it would take pages and pages. ) Mother (all girls of 17 years) â If I really had to choose someone, I think I would choose my mother. â â I should just like to be an ordinary person, happily married with my husband and children around me. In fact if I could be just that, then I would be my mother all over again. â â The person I would like to be like is my mother. To have a wide personality, be friends with everybody and to help people in need.

He is married with a wife and two children and has black hair with a bold (sic) patch. I would like to own a Jaguar car and a big house costing about £50,000. â The person I would like to be is Jimmy Greaves. His occupation is a footballer, his height is about 5â ² 10â ³, age about 23, good appearance. At the moment he is playing for Spurs, after getting a transfer from Milanâ ¦for the price of £100,000â ¦. â â I would most of all like to be John Sortees (sic), he can work wonders on two wheelsâ ¦some great features about himâ ¦ not a care in the world.

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