Aerobiology by I. Silver (Eds.) PDF

Aerobiology by I. Silver (Eds.) PDF

By I. Silver (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0126435502

ISBN-13: 9780126435504

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But neither was there present a strain capable of inducing manifest disease. Some years ago L. J. Goldberg of our Laboratory demonstrated that inhalatory exposure of several hundred mice to incrementally administered dosages of Klebsiella pneumoniae, such that a total lethal dosage was received over a period of some days, resulted in the same number of fatalities in the herd, within statistical limits, as was obtained by short-term inhalation of the same dosage. However, the response curve became skewed towards increased survival when administration of small dosages was prolonged beyond 30 d a y s ; this was thought to be the effect of an antigenic response in some members of the herd (13).

Cameron, A. S. and Moore, B. W. (1968). The epidemiology of respiratory infection in an isolated Antarctic community, J. , 66, 4 2 7 - 4 3 7 . 9. Sherman, J. , Mauer, J. C , and Stark, P. (1937). Streptococcus fecalis, J. Bacteriol, 33, 2 7 5 - 2 8 2 . 10. Finegold, S. M. and Sweeny, Ε. E. (1961). New selective and differential medium for coagulase-positive staphylococci allowing rapid growth and strain differentiation, J. BacterioU 8 1 , 6 3 6 - 6 6 4 . 11. Blair, J. E. and Williams, R. E. O. (1961).

Subsequently there was slight reduction amounting to approximately 2 per cent to the one-day period after which values tended to plateau or slightly elevate. Administration of ozone at sufficient concentration markedly altered the number of organisms cultivable at four hours. m. ), this gain amounted to nearly four times the 0 time level. m. or below, however, bacterial counts for the ozone treatments could not be distinguished from controls. Similar results have been noted in an earlier study reported elsewhere (11).

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Aerobiology by I. Silver (Eds.)

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