Analysis of piezoelectric devices - download pdf or read online

Analysis of piezoelectric devices - download pdf or read online

By Jiashi Yang

ISBN-10: 9812568611

ISBN-13: 9789812568618

This can be the main systematic, complete and up to date ebook at the theoretical research of piezoelectric units. it's a traditional continuation of the writer s earlier books: An advent to the speculation of Piezoelectricity (Springer, 2005) and The Mechanics of Piezoelectric constructions (World clinical, 2006). in response to the linear, nonlinear, 3-dimensional and lower-dimensional structural theories of electromechanical fabrics, theoretical effects are awarded for units comparable to piezoelectric resonators, acoustic wave sensors, and piezoelectric transducers. The e-book displays the contribution to the sector from Mindlin s college of utilized mechanics researchers because the Nineteen Fifties.

Contents: three-d Theories; Thickness-Shear Modes of Plate Resonators; Slowly various Thickness-Shear Modes; Mass Sensors; Fluid Sensors; Gyroscopes -- Frequency influence; Gyroscopes -- cost impact; Acceleration Sensitivity; strain Sensors; Temperature Sensors; Piezoelectric turbines; Piezoelectric Transformers; strength Transmission via an Elastic Wall; Acoustic Wave Amplifiers.

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This can be the main systematic, finished and updated publication at the theoretical research of piezoelectric units. it's a average continuation of the writer s prior books: An advent to the speculation of Piezoelectricity (Springer, 2005) and The Mechanics of Piezoelectric constructions (World clinical, 2006).

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Substituting Eq. 25) into Eq. 27) 7T2 "26 1 + -U2 - A t 2 2h\ p 26 ? 27) shows that piezoelectric coupling raises the frequency. ~2h\ p 1 i T ft This effect is called piezoelectric stiffening. 3. Forced vibration For forced vibration we have A2 = 0 and 0 e26 V 2h -e26V 4 = c66£cos£/? 29) 2c66 ^h cos £/z - 2 -^- sin ^2 f 2/? 30) - = -cr, 2fc£/z-/t226tan#z where ae is the surface free charge per unit area on the electrode at x2 = h. 31) Note the following limits: lim C = ^ L , «26^o 2h E 22 HmC = ^ 2 «-><> 2h 1 ~2h k (1 + 4 ) .

They depend on the initial deformation xJX) and electric potential 0°(X). , K[a^i=T; (DxKNK=-axE Sy, on ST, on SD. 10) alE^dS. dt f T„uadS- [dt f The admissible u and 01 must satisfy du„ I, = 8u„ I, = 0 in V. 11) $6> t0 ldS. 5. Small bias In many applications, the biasing deformations and fields are also infinitesimal. In this case, usually only their first-order effects on the incremental fields need to be considered. 14) YABC(EACEBCEC, where the subscripts indicating the orders of the material constants have been dropped.

22 We can add Eqs. 14)12, and also subtract them from each other. The Eqs. 15) 2 - ^ - 4 sin ^ + 2fl,A = F. 2. Free vibration First, consider free vibrations with V= 0. 15) decouples into two sets of equations. For symmetric modes, c66^2£sin£/2 = 0. 18) which determines the following resonant frequencies: ^ ) = «^g7 2hV p „ = o,2,4,6,.... 17) implies that B\ = 0 and Ax modes are u:=cos^(,x--(») 2, 0. 20) 22 where n = 0 represents a rigid-body mode. 21) 2^Axsm%h + 2Bxh = Q. 21) determine the resonant frequencies and modes.

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