Get Anarchism and Moral Philosophy PDF

Get Anarchism and Moral Philosophy PDF

By Benjamin Franks

ISBN-10: 0230580661

ISBN-13: 9780230580664

Anarchism and ethical Philosophy [ Anarchism and ethical Philosophy by way of Franks, Benjamin ( writer ) Hardcover Jan- 2011 ] Hardcover Jan- 15- 2011

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Independence involves the capacity to resist domination; capacities are developed by use; so, we need some domination against which to practise. The consequence of these arguments, if they are sound, is that the development and the exercise of capacities of independence come apart. The society of free, undominated people exercising their independence is not necessarily the best environment for the cultivation of that independence: anarchist perfectionism fails. com - licensed to Taiwan eBook Consortium - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-02 Samuel Clark 42 Anarchist Perfectionism A final summing up: I started from a tempting theory, anarchist perfectionism.

Practical authority involves the right of one party (say, a parent or a policeman) to issue directives such as commands that another party (say, a child or an ordinary citizen) has a duty to obey. com - licensed to Taiwan eBook Consortium - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-02 26 27 ‘teachings’ that another party (say, a student or a parishioner) has a duty to accept. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of authoritative relations from a philosophical point of view (quite apart from how these relations might be described and explained, say, sociologically) concerns the practical reasoning of those who are subject to authority.

It claims that the goal which justifies and makes sense of our joint actions – politics in the widest sense – is the promotion of human flourishing. , Locke, 1988; Rawls, 1999). For perfectionists, social action (potentially including state action) is properly directed at promoting the Good, and not merely at protecting individuals in their pursuit of whatever they desire or whatever they believe to be good. Moral perfectionism is the more fundamental part of the theory. It claims that the Good is human flourishing, and it goes on to describe the particular ways of functioning and being which constitute that flourishing, typically by identifying certain physical, social, aesthetic, emotional, intellectual and/or reflexive capacities.

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